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I-Exercises 1 (9 min)

5 Exercises on level 1, duration 9 minutes, with pause and possible rest.

Below you'll find questions and pointers to deepen the experience of your practice and further down a description of the exercises.

Questions and pointers

A1      How did you experience your center in its connection to the earth?
  • When you made the step consciously and then relaxed – did you feel strengthened in your center?
  • Did looking straight ahead help you to remain connected to your body and to perceive the downwards current inwardly?
  • Do you manage to, come into contact with the “earth”? How did you experience this?
B1      The happy heart – what does this exercise do to you?
  • What do you notice in your surroundings? Does it get brighter? What do you experience?
  • How does your body perception change with these movements?
  • How does your mood change when you do this exercise?
C1       How do you manage to let the I-gesture come about out of streaming down?
  • If you have difficulty perceiving the counter-currents, try perceiving your heart while doing the exercise. Do you then experience the counter current more strongly and clearly?
  • Do you perceive a difference when streaming down with the left or right hand?
  • How do you experience your uprightness most strongly: while building the stream, in raying through the arms, or after completion of the full exercise?

List of exercises

A1      Earthed through the legs

Stand upright. Take a step forwards and feel into the earth through the soles of your feet. Stay relaxed, centered in your heart and gazing forwards. Take a next step and do the same.

B1      Happy heart

Bring your hands in front of your chest, creating a circle which embraces an energetic sphere around your heart. Imagine that you have a happy heart in your hands. Let it ray out joyfully in all directions. Follow the rays with attentive hands, thus extending your arms outward repeatedly.

C1       The I-gesture - Streaming down, streaming up, and raying through

Create the I-gesture by streaming down from the heart with the one hand and allowing the other to be carried up by the counter-current. Try to ray through the arms in such a manner that you can feel an effect on your verticality. Bring your hands back to your heart and repeat the gesture with the opposite arm movements.

Video: The basic gesture of I

D1      Mindful rhythm - long-short and short-long

Imagine holding your happy heart in your hands in front of your chest. Carry it forwards with four rhythmic steps that release and contract: long-short, long-short, long-short, long-short. The long step moves a foot forward and the short step brings the other foot forward to meet it. The next long step starts with the foot that just completed the short step.

Maintain the feeling of the happily raying heart in your hands and go back with four rhythmic steps that contract and release: short-long, short-long, short-long, short-long. The short step starts with one foot tapping in its current place before then stepping backwards with a full long step. Switch the position of your hands and repeat the exercise.

E1       I AM HERE – from above

Extending your arms high above your head, stream down from high above through yourself right down into the earth. Step slightly to the left and right creating a downward I-gesture in both the legs and arms. Try to inwardly experience the words “I am here” from the beginning through to the final movement of the gesture.


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The happy heart. Mobile and centered at the same time.

I - pronounced as in "See"

In the eurythmy exercises for I we practice experiencing our “happy heart” and do exercises which strengthen our balance as well as our spine and in so doing we increase our ability to stay centered and mobile simultaneously. This also supports our ability to hold our own, on a daily basis.

In order to allow you to practice for longer we have combined the single sequences to two half-length sequences and to one mammoth sequence. This allows you to practice intensively and soon enjoy the positive effects on your well-being.