The Happy Heart

The eurythmic power of vowels to keep you fit and flexible.

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For every day, for specific occasions, and to stay healthy.


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Find the exercise that suits you at this very moment and gives you the elasticity, strength and insight you need right now. You'll progress from level to level. In-depth questions with lots of suggestions await you, and new exercises are added all the time. When you reach level 12, you will receive a gift.

Spin the wheel

Let fortune decide and find your personal exercise for this day or for a specific question. You will be amazed and happy when you realize how subtle the exercises are and how good they are for you. If you wish, we can send you your Spin the Wheel exercise by email every morning for free. Simply add yourself to the list!

Ten Minutes a Day

You will receive an exercise sequence lasting 10 to 15 minutes by email every day. The exercise sequences have a relationship to the days of the week, which we can connect with qualities of the planets. If you practice them on the corresponding days, you support your inner connection to these forces.

For in depth practice and deeper understanding.


First Aid Kit

Choose from more than 100 exercises and seven topics. Each video addresses and strengthens a different level within you.

Vowels in Action

Choose from 42 sequences lasting 10 to 45 minutes and deepen it the way you want. More health is almost impossible!

The Vowels explained live

Free demonstration and in depth explanation of the exercises. With a short and a long version for each vowel.


For your website and the well-being of your employees


Happy Work

The Wheel of Fortune on your company's homepage? As a link on your front-page or fully integrated. It's quite simple. Take a look at our German Example.

The Happy Heart exercises are based on the eurythmic power of vowels.

Working with the vowels can be seen as a path to deepen your connection between body, soul, and spirit. Vowels can be considered as archetypes that not only serve as means of expression but also represent deep, universal principles and forces rooted in the essence of humanity and the structure of the world.

In Eurythmy, vowels are seen as carriers of life forces. The movements associated with vowels promote balance in the organism and stimulate and harmonise your vital functions. They deepen breathing, enhance respiratory capacity, and promote profound relaxation. This contributes to fundamentally improving your mental presence and overall well-being.