Eurythmy4you First Aid Kit

Through these exercises you will learn to use your body intelligence as a resource for self-help. You have instant access to over 100 vowel eurythmy exercises which address and strengthen different layers of your being.

From experience we recommend that you work with the abundance of exercises by picking a theme or vowel (e.g., Establishing boundaries - E) that speaks to you. Let your intuition decide which of the 108 exercises you will practice today and how many repetitions you will make.

Preview the course format by clicking on the images below. The first few segments in each vowel are available for free.

Strengthen your health and resilience by listening to your body.

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Receiving nourishment.
Becoming grounded.


Establishing boundaries.
Creating relationship.


The happy heart.
Mobile and centered.


Warmth and light.
Creating harmony.


Inner calm.
Transcending boundaries.


Inner growth.
Gentle and nurturing.


Strength and creativity.
Creating space for freedom.