Eurythmy4you First Aid Kit

Here you find over 100 exercises which address and strengthen different layers of your being.

  1. Choose an exercise.
  2. Let your intuition decide which of the 15 to 20 exercises you practice.
  3. Experience the movements in your mind’s eye first and then perform the movements outwardly. Perform the exercise as calmly and intensively as possible.
  4. Decide for yourself how many repetitions you will make.
  5. After doing the exercise, take five minutes to calmly feel what you are experiencing and meditate on what the therapeutic effects of this exercise could be for you.

Get to know your body intelligence as a resource for self-help. By listening to your body, you strengthen your health and resilience.


Forming soil. Staying receptive and becoming grounded.


Establishing boundaries. Creating relationship. Connect opposites.


The happy heart. Mobile and centered at the same time.


Warmth and light. Creating harmony.


Resting in oneself. Transcending boundaries.


Arrive at yourself. Nurture and gentleness.


Overview and creativity. Creating space for freedom.