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Eurythmy4you First Aid Kit

In seven collections you will find over 100 two to four minute long video presentations to address different levels within you and strengthen you. Choose your topic and trust your feeling which exercise will be good for you today. Immerse yourself in the movements demonstrated and perform them with calm and intensity. After each exercise, give yourself five minutes to calmly feel what experiences you have had within yourself. Meditate on the feeling in your body and reflect on the possible therapeutic effect of the exercise you are doing. This approach allows you to explore, strengthen and use your body intelligence as a valuable self-help resource.


Receiving nourishment.
Becoming grounded.


Establishing boundaries.
Creating relationship.


The happy heart.
Mobile and centered.


Warmth and light.
Creating harmony.


Inner calm.
Transcending boundaries.


Inner growth.
Gentle and nurturing.


Strength and creativity.
Creating space for freedom.