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The happy heart. Mobile and centered at the same time.

I - pronounced "ee" as in "feet"

In the eurythmy exercises for I, we practice experiencing our “happy heart” and do exercises which strengthen our balance as well as our spine. In so doing we increase our ability to stay centered and mobile simultaneously. This also supports our ability to hold our own on a daily basis.

After the individual sequence sections, we have gathered the sequences into combinations. These combined sequences allow you to practice intensively and also offer a different perspective, as they are integrated into each other. You will soon enjoy the positive effects on your well-being.

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Sequence 1

ViA-I (1) English
I-Exercises for Sequence 1 (9 min)

ViA - I-1 short expl 9.5.2020
Short Explanation of Sequence 1

ViA - I - Sequence 1 long explanation 2.5.2020
Detailed Explanation of Sequence 1

Sequence 2

ViA-I (2) English
I-Exercises for Sequence 2 (12 min)

Sequence 3

ViA-I (3) English
I-Exercises for Sequence 3 (13 min)

Combined Sequences

These combined sequences offer longer practice options and a different perspective on the exercises which are integrated in new ways.

ViA-I (1-2) English
I-Exercises for Sequences 1-2 (21 min)

ViA-I (2-3) English
I-Exercises for Sequences 2-3 (24 min)

ViA-I (1-2-3) English
I-Exercises for Sequences 1-2-3 (33 min)