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Ten Minutes a Day

Happy Heart for the days of the week

Every day you will receive a exercise sequence that suits the day of the week. An exercise sequence lasts 12 to 15 minutes.

In the first week we will guide you through the exercises of level one, in the second week through those of level two and in the third week through those of level three. 

After three weeks you decide whether you want to continue with slightly longer variations or start again from the beginning. Of course you can also stop at any time. Just try it out and enjoy it.

Send me the exercises free for one week

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The Days of the Week and their Relationship to a Vowel

The vowels are related to the forces that we associate with the planets. If you practice the exercises on the appropriate days, it will support your inner connection to these forces and thus your health and personal well-being.

  • Saturday - U - Saturn
  • Sunday - Au - Sun
  • Monday - Ei - Moon
  • Tuesday - E - Mars
  • Wednesday - I - Mercury
  • Thursday - O - Jupiter
  • Friday - A - Venus


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