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With the eurythmy A exercises (pronounced “ah as in “star) you learn to remain open, become grounded, and create a stable, nourishing base for yourself.

In this course you will find more than 20 exercises that address this purpose, developed out of the many possibilities of A. In each one of the three sequences we show you variations of an exercise with different requirements and effects. The eurythmy exercises intensify body perception and lead you into a dialogue with it. In paying attention to the resonance, between the exercises and at the end, you pay attention to the life forces. The life-body is given space, the life-forces are strengthened, and you connect yourself with your personal potential.

Please pay attention to the following when exercising:

As everywhere in life, when engaging in sport or working, it is important to vary and avoid overdoing things. If you notice that the exercises have a positive effect and you wish to do them regularly, we recommend that to do so with care and that you do not neglect other exercises and activities.

Should you have questions or for further interest you will find links to eurythmists and eurythmy therapists who will be willing to help you on our links page. Should you have a therapeutic need we advise you to contact a doctor or eurythmy therapist.

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