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A-Exercises for Sequence 2 (14 min)

8 Exercises on level 2, duration 14 minutes, with pause and possible rest

Below you'll find questions and pointers to deepen the experience of your practice and further down a description of the exercises.

Questions and pointers

B2   Try to take the following into account when doing the "A with bent knees" exercise:
  • Staying upright when bending the knees helps to connect to the earth with your heart.
  • Relaxing your pelvis and diaphragm lets you sink deeper into your body and helps you feel deeper into the earth.
  • Putting a little bit of tension in the arms and consciously straightening them helps you to get the feeling of reaching further down.
  • Putting the arms slightly backwards intensifies the uprightness and the experience of strength in the body.
  • Maintaining the tension in the arms when coming up helps to maintain contact with your anchor points in the ground.
C2   Which method do you use to experience the instreaming quality of the A-gesture and to be brought back on your heels?
  • In building the A-gesture I first try to reach out with my arms as far as possible. Then I actively pull my arms slightly back towards my shoulder blades.
  • When building up the A-gesture I go forward on my toes. Then I try to feel an incoming stream in my arms and in my body, which brings me back on my heels.
D2   In the "H with the shoulders" exercise:
  • Do you manage to create a sensation of lightness and of becoming bigger just by carefully lifting the shoulder blades?
  • Be aware that the following can help to achieve this:
    • Support the feeling of becoming bigger by lifting the shoulders actively for a little while.
    • Relax the body, but remain very attentive in the shoulders.
    • Let your breath react to what you do with your shoulders.
  • Don’t worry that:
    • the feeling of constantly getting bigger,
    • letting go the shoulder blades,
    • relaxing the body

is in some way a contradiction and difficult to achieve. Stay relaxed! The effect is brought about by the attempt rather than by the outer completion.

G2   Can you experience that the exercise "A-H behind" (F1) followed by "H-A below (F2):
  • is similar to the physiological process of memory building?
  • is like taking in an impression from the outside, forgetting it and remembering it again then when you need to.

Supportive Video A-H towards the back


List of exercises

A2a    The right column leads forwards

Stand upright and perceive your right column. In your head, activate a sensation of walking forward and take your right leg along with it. Come back to the center by calmly bringing your left leg forward to meet your right. Repeat the exercise. The head initiates the step.

A2b    The left column leads backwards

Take a step backwards with your left leg and allow the head to follow. Come back to the center by bringing your right leg calmly back to meet your left. Repeat the exercise. The leg takes the head along.

B2      A with bent knees

Perceive your center. Place one foot to the right and the other to the left then stream down into the earth from the center of your heart. Bending the legs forward slightly, anchor your fingertips in the depths of the earth. Straighten the legs slowly without losing the anchorage. Experience the energy you gain from there.

C2       A streaming in

Form the A-gesture and ray through your arms so that you have the impression of reaching the circumference. Try to feel how nourishing currents stream into your body from all sides. Try doing this gesture in different directions.

Supportive Video: The basic gesture of A

D2      Shoulder-blade parachute

Feel yourself getting bigger and bigger and allow the shoulders to be taken along. Then let the shoulders drop down while retaining the expanded sensation and feel the energy streaming down from the shoulder blades.

E2       H from above to below

Put your hands in front of your collarbones. Send them high up again, but wait there until you feel an answer coming from above. Take up the answer and stream down with it into the earth. Experience the counter current from the earth below.

F2       H-A below

Become wide, lift the shoulders, and drop them, but remain wide. Your knees may bend slightly. In taking up the instreaming A through the arms extending down towards the earth, take note that the quality of the H is still palpable in the A.

G2      A-H behind and H-A below

Ray through the arms creating an A-gesture out in front of the body. Feel the counter current returning from the periphery. Create an H with the shoulders that takes you a step backwards, bringing your arms up and behind, before they slowly float down to your sides. Pay attention to the memory of the in-streaming A that is still present in the down-streaming H.

In taking up the instreaming A through the arms extending down towards the earth, take note that the quality of the H is still palpable in the A.