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A-Exercises for Sequence 1 (11 min)

8 Exercises on level 1, duration 11 minutes, with pause and possible rest.

Below you'll find questions and pointers to deepen the experience of your practice and further down a description of the exercises.

Questions and pointers

How do you experience the step forwards or backwards between the repetition of an exercise?
  • The step helps me to let go, to start anew, and to deepen experience.
  • The step in between disturbed me because I wanted to stay in the experience, deepen it and not step out of it.
A1      How do you experience the difference between your right and left column?
  • I feel more at home in my right column than in my left column.
  • I feel more at home in my left column than in my right column.
  • The difference between the two sides was so small that I don’t know if I even felt it.
C1       Can you experience in the A-gesture that:
  • makes you feel at home in your body and deepens your connection with the earth?
  • produces an instreaming quality which often is accompanied by a stream coming from the front towards you?
  • brings your weight back on your heels naturally?
F1  In doing the "A-H behind", do you manage to experience:
  • that the body feels naturally taken backwards without you actively having to do anything?
  • that the instreaming quality of the A becomes palpable again in the down-streaming H?
  • that you feel light and refreshed from within afterwards?

List of exercises

A1      The left and right columns

Perceive yourself in your center between front and back, up and down, right and left.

Place your weight on the right side with a small step and perceive the carrying force of this column. Return to your center and do the same on the left-hand side.

Take a step forward and repeat the right and left column movements. Pay attention to the different experiences of the two columns.

B1    A with the legs

Perceive your middle. Take a step to the right and so far to the left that you return to the middle. Feel down from the heart, through the legs into the heels. Allow this flow to move your weight onto the heels and to deepen your connection with the earth. Return your legs to center. Take a step forwards and repeat the exercise.

C1    A raying out

Lift your right arm and then your left arm to form an A-gesture. Ray through them so that you have the impression you are raying into two different spaces. Experience how this affects your body. Experience raying out from within and the resulting counter current which shift your weight to your heels.

Supportive Video: The basic gesture of A

D1    H with the shoulders

Roll your shoulders forward and backward a couple of times. Contract the shoulders a little toward the front (like a slight hunch) and release them with a slight backwards jerk, followed by gently streaming down from the shoulder-blades. Your arms remain relaxed throughout the movements.

E1    H with the Arms

Put your hands in front of your collarbones. Use the whole body to send them high up above the head and allow them to be carried down slowly behind the back.

F1    A-H behind

Ray through the arms creating an A-gesture out in front of the body. Feel the counter current returning from the periphery. Create an H with the shoulders that takes you a step backwards, bringing your arms up and behind, before they slowly float down to your sides. Pay attention to the memory of the in-streaming A that is still present in the down-streaming H.